About Sodwana

Sodwana Bay meaning "little one on its own" (in Zulu), lies within the Greater St Lucia Wetlands Park, a World Heritage Site, and forms part of a continuous protected area stretching 150km from the Mozambique border, south to Cape Vidal, and 3 nautical miles out to sea.

Sodwana Bay is best known for its deep-sea diving and beautiful coral reefs, regarded as the southern-most coral reefs in the world and the only tropical dive site in South Africa.

Only 4 hours from Durban and easily accessible from Johannesburg, Sodwana is considered the scuba diving mecca of South Africa.

Divers can expect to see an abundance of tropical fish, moray eels, large schools of pelagic fish, hard and soft coral, sponges, and at certain times of the year, whales, whale sharks and dolphin.

The water temperature ranges from 24 degrees in summer and are seldom colder than 19 degrees, making diving a year-round pastime. Visibility is rarely less than 15 meters and depths vary between 12 to 50 meter sites. The reefs themselves are thought to be over 4 000 years old and have plenty of caves, overhangs and pinnacles.

Truly a diving, fishing and nature lover's paradise!